How to Change Your Eating Habits

eating habits

In the United States, we’ve been programmed to eat unhealthy foods. Far too many of the items on store shelves are loaded with fat, sodium, preservatives, chemicals, and sugar. These are not the staples that we want in our diets. Protein is what we need to rejuvenate our bodies at a cellular level. But it is hard to find protein without saturated fats and artery-clogging cholesterol.

You can eat egg whites, plain non-fat Greek yogurt, or other ultra-filtered milk beverages that are essentially a fat-free yogurt. But this is the diet of a bodybuilder. Most people cannot consistently eat a super healthy diet and workout at the gym three times a week to build muscle. The estrogen pulsing through women’s bodies can make them seek comfort and, unfortunately, comfort foods.

Getting over this psychological trap can take some work. You have to end your love affair with food and feel a loathing for the comforting effect that it has on you. People may encourage you to eat more or, otherwise, normalize unhealthy eating habits. Restaurants want people to think that they are getting good value for their money by serving oversized portions. Friends and family may feel insulted or ashamed by being gluttons by themselves. But if you focus on the quality and health-value of foods that you eat, you’ll be sure to start feeling better each day.

There are meal plans like Nutrisystem that are free of dyes and artificial sweeteners. If you are dieting and ingesting artificial sweeteners, you may be doing more harm to your body than good. Because artificial sweeteners are still sweet, they are triggering the mechanism that releases insulin into your blood. Your tongue tastes the sweetness, sends a message to the brain, which then tells the pancreas to produce more insulin.

When your body starts to produce too much insulin, and the cells are not absorbing any glucose from your blood, they will start to ignore the insulin signal. This is called insulin resistance. And this is a trap that many dieters fall into when they start to consume those empty calories of soda and other types of junk food on their own diets. You can’t just create a diet because you need nutritional specialists to formulate meals that are tasty, satisfying, and healthy at the same time. That is no easy task.

Many people fail to diet because they don’t see the rewards of having a perfect body. They tend to form romantic relationships with people who are like family. They don’t have that European fire to drive them into achieving supermodel looks. But the rewards of being healthy go far beyond beauty. Instead of depending on foods to feel good and stimulate the reward mechanisms in your brain, you will start to develop a natural sense of well-being from the quality of foods that you eat.

Why wait to start living up to your full potential? You can start eating healthy today and living the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. Be that leader who people admire by kicking those gluttonous habits. Don’t let food be your drug and desire in life. Start dieting and getting fit today.

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