Nutrisystem has had a huge impact on my life without making too many changes

Hello there! My name is Sophia, I’m 23 and I’m a practicing pharmacist. I’d like to tell you my story of rebirth through Nutrisystem’s diet plan. Ever since I was born, I’d been on the overweight gang, and for good reason. I loved food. I lived to eat and gorging down on heavy chocolate-chip cookies, pizzas and fries wasn’t just part of what I loved to do but rather it had become part of my routine – eating everything I could lay my hands on. Although my eating habits seemed normal to my friends and family, I’d have a lot of in-between meals in secret ensuring that I kept my belly down. I’d gotten advice from every friend and family I knew to get myself tested for thyroid, and I laughed off all the advice because only I knew what it really was but was too ashamed of sharing about my eating disorder. One day though, I broke down in front of a close confidant and he suggested that I try a Nutrisystem diet and gave me her discount code to get started with Nutrisystem weight loss system right away.

I didn’t hold high hopes as I opened their website because this wasn’t going to be the first diet I had started- but turns out it was going to be my last diet plan. What I expected was a vegetarian, if not vegan meal, which followed a strict regime excluding any of the food I was used to having throughout the day. Imagine my surprise when I saw Pizzas, chocolate cupcakes and waffles on their menu. I called their operator right away, obviously because being the tech-flop that I am, I was curious to see if I was reading the list of things I couldn’t eat. She helped me through understanding that Nutrisystem doesn’t cut down on the list of things you eat but rather the amount you eat throughout the day- limiting everything to small portions which seemed like it was going to starve me to death, but the special diet plan they’d prepared for me was guaranteed to ensure that I’d feel satisfied within a week or two- and I was. Their carefully portioned meals throughout the day may not have been the same as having heart melting chocolates 5-6 times a day coupled with other meals I’d have with or without them, but it ensured I didn’t go hungry throughout the day, even if I never felt full. To me, this was a challenge as much as it was a new feeling, but Nutrisystem’s staff, held onto me until I was ready to work on the diet plan, alone.

nutrisystem results

Healthy food on the go

For someone who’d turn to binge-eating not just for love of food but to expel certain frustrations (dealing with almost half a 100 people every day really does take its toll), Nutrisystem, at first, seemed to me an ambitious leap from my side, but I was amazed by how quickly the operators helped settle me into my program. What was most convenient for me is that the food was always available around me, just as I’d wanted it to be. The food would be packaged and delivered at my doorstep each morning and I would be able to take it basically everywhere I go, with me. The only inconvenience in all of this would have to be the fact that the food needed to be microwaved, and not every place I’d prefer to go to would have one, but there are ways around that. The benefits outweigh (forgive the pun) the drawbacks of this setup. Although I still had to portion my meals throughout the day, I had the comfort of knowing I had food right in my bag or that I could always buy food with my deals, was all I could’ve ever asked for from a diet plan.

Easy on the stomach, easy on the wallet

The first thing that one tends to worry about when thinking about successful diet programs is the expense, out of which they’ve made their reputations. However, my friends including Debra and the specialists assured me that the prices wouldn’t put a strain on my purse. And they didn’t. In fact, they took some strain off it. Six meals a day for just $10? Nutrisystem promo codes that make cost-effective meals even cheaper? Sounds too good to be true? But it is. All of the promises. In place of all the fast food and cookies that I’d stuff my pockets and bags with. $8 meals that cover my day. I’ve never felt lighter and my wallet has never felt heavier.

Healthy, tasty, efficient

For someone used to munching on cookies every other hour, and having one form of fast-food or the other every day of her life, it’s been surprisingly easy to adjust to the taste of the food – which ranges from chocolate fudge bars to hamburgers, with space for dessert (YES, DESSERT). I can’t imagine any other diet regime that would allow the amount of leeway that Nutrisystem allows with its food. The lunches I buy with my Nutrisystem coupon codes are not just food I buy as part of my plan to lose weight but has become food I’ve come to love. There’s no turning back now. There’s no need to.

In the year that I’ve followed my Nutrisystem diet for, I’ve lost enough weight for myself to feel proud and comfortable in my own skin. I’m no longer the fat lady who sits behind the pharmacy counter and looks ironically unhealthy. Although Nutrisystem would receive mostly positive remarks from me for its effectiveness, it hasn’t been easy, and so this is my list of pros and cons:


  • Food on the go
  • A very normal seeming diet
  • Cost-effective


  • Needs microwave to have food ready
  • Extremely difficult to stick to diet initially
  • Won’t work if you can’t resist temptations

Thanks to Nutrisystem, I have been able to move past my eating disorder, while sticking to my habit of eating more than the regular 3 meals a day. I can now proudly stand as one of the fitter employees at my pharmacy and that comes as a huge step forward from being counted as the unhealthiest. I would recommend Nutrisystem to anyone who has the willpower to continue what they start so they can see the amazing results people like myself benefit from.